An interview with Alex Kapadia

Post qualifying, Alex Kapadia, pilote in a Radical works team and new to Neil Garner Motorsport, took the time to talk about his debut in the Team's Formula Le Mans car; as well as discussing his past accomplishments and his future projects in motor racing.

"Alex, congratulations on obtaining pole; how was your first experience in the Oreca FLM09? How does it compare to a Radical?"

Alex: "It was very interesting, exciting and definitely met my expectations. The car is much heavier than a Radical, faster as well; it has more downforce and is generally a physically bigger car to drive. Another point is the carbon brakes, which was a new challenge to me as they are much harder than on a Radical; I'm still learning how to keep them hot."

"What has been your path through motor racing? Do you have a goal?"

Alex:"I've raced all sorts of single seaters: Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Formula First and for the past four years my place has been with Radicals. I've always wanted to be at the top of my game though, so coming here to drive the Oreca FLM09 was a wonderful opportunity, the Le Mans Series is such a fantastic championship. My goal would be to race in LMP1 or LMP2, but I think today was possibly the highlight of my career! It was fantastic to be able to put the car on pole position."

"What has been your favourite circuit to drive on?"

Alex:"Definitely Spa-Francorchamps. There are so many challenging corners, it's magical and beautiful. I'd love to race at the Nordschleife (Nurburgring) as well."

"How is the weekend going so far?"

Alex:Yesterday was a great day for the Team and I was able to have a good amount of track time. Tor was slightly faster than me in the first session, yet we finished the day just half a second off the Formula Le Mans car in front; which was a bit frustrating as I was definitely gaining pace. Qualifying was amazing, I'm so glad the Team is on pole position for the race tomorrow. The conditions were perfect and there was lots of grip on the track so the car was a pleasure to drive!"

"Are you enjoying working with the Team?"

Alex:"Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, there is a great ambiance. Neil (Team Manager) and Mike (Technical Director) are really committed, every session the car was much quicker and nothing appears to be too much to ask of the Team."

"Do you have any plans for next year?"

Alex:"I'd love to complete a season in the Le Mans Series next year; I'm taking a like to the Formula Le Mans prototype! Although Radicals are still a great piece of kit and the series is extremely competitive. We'll wait and see."

Alex Kapadia is to race alongside Tor Graves and John Hartshorne tomorrow at 1pm, for the last 6 hour race of the Le Mans Series 2011 season.

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