The final hours of the race...

End of race summary:

The last two hours of the race proved difficult for the Team. Steve came into the pits with just over an hour left so John could replace him in the FLM09. Frustratingly, time was lost in the pits, and several cars out on the track gained places, setting the Team back even further. The drivers were having trouble with their seat inserts, so driving was made much harder.

The last pit stop of the race, for fuel, tyres and another driver change (from John to Steve) didnít go as smoothly as planned: a headlamp wasnít working, so the mechanics spent time repairing it. In short, far too much time was lost. Although, despite the disappointment after a fabulous start to the weekend, the Team remains positive; this event was character building for the staff and drivers.

A full report will follow.

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