Race hours 2 and 3

Race parts 2 and 3: (From 12:30 to 15:00). These last two hours have been quite eventful for drivers and Team.

Phil Keen finished his stint in the Formula Le Mans, leaving the car in 1st place (14th overall) and expanding the gap from 9 to 13 seconds in front of Genoa (no.93). After 1 hour 40 minutes, he entered the pits for John to jump in; tyres were replaced and fuel was added before sending the car back out in a mad rush to retain 1st place. Orderly, Genoa (no.93) and Pegasus (no.95) pit directly afterwards; but due to the shuffle of teams afterwards, we rejoined the race in 19th, 3rd in class.

Once John settled into the race, his times, greatly improved from practice, were around 2min05secs/2min06secs. At this point, no.93 was only 14 seconds ahead.

Sure enough, John gained time on the Genoa driver; only 8 seconds separated the two Formula Le Mans prototypes, before he came in to let Steve Keating take to the wheel. A long pitstop pushed the Team back to 27th place.

Steve's pace became quicker through his stint, starting off with lap times of 2min07secs and coming down to 2min05secs. Genoa's car pitted, bringing the gap down; Steve accelerated again and produced a time of 2min04secs.

Around 3 o'clock, Steve spun the car at turn 4; John told the Team that the track was heavily littered with debris. Unfortunately the no.99 Formula Le Mans car took this opportunity to overtake and the Team found itself in 4th place. Minutes later, the opposing Team pitted and Steve was able to retake his position.

A lap later, he came back into the pits for fuel, putting the no.99 car back in front. A real game of cat and mouse!

There's less than two hours to go; we still have time to move forward!

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