After hour 1: We stand 1st!

The lights turned green at exactly 11.35am to mark the start of the Autosport 6 hours of silverstone, but it appeared that the safety car was still on track. After one tour, the pace car came in and the real race began.

Every lap, Phil Keen was setting new fastest times but all the Formula Le Mans cars stayed grouped; although he extended his lead by overtaking an LMP2 car in front, making the Team 19th overall.

After 14 minutes, the LMP1 cars came round to lap the Formula Le Mans, but Phil managed to keep his 3 second lead over Oreca no.93. A few laps on, Pegasus (no.95) overtook the second place car, transforming the order to Neil Garner Motorsport, Pegasus, Genoa, JMB.

40 minutes into the race and Phil had again moved ahead, 13 seconds in the lead and now 17th overall after an LMP2 car pitted. Shortly after though he gained yet another place, (16th) as RLM’s HPD had to serve a stop/go penalty.

An accident on the pit straight involving an LMP2 left debris on the track, and the safety car was deployed. Phil made a quick pit stop before rejoining the pack. All 4 Formula Le Mans cars were regrouped again but this disadvantaged the Team; the gap had been brought down to 5 seconds because of the safety car.

At the end of the first hour, the green flag was out for the cars to restart racing; with one of the Audi’s in the pits, the Team stands 15th overall, (1st in class).

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