Qualifying report

Throughout the morning uncertainty about the weather was omnipresent; but the question of when the rain would fall made the team very unsure whether to put wet or dry tyres on the Formula Le Mans for qualifying.

When the green flags were waved, the choice was to use slick tyres. Phil Keen set off, cautiously driving round the arena circuit before completing his first flying lap in 2min00.1secs, which placed the team in front of the other competitors. A lap later, comfortably the fastest, he produced another, that went on to be the pole time: 1min58.1secs.

Disappointingly, the rain came shortly after, meaning that Phil couldn't finish his ultra quick lap, and came into the pits to wait for clearer skies. Time however was ticking away, and with just over two minutes remaining, the team changed the tyres to wets. Only an outlap was acheived, as the chequered flag was waved; but no matter, as Phil had secured pole position for the team.

Once out of the car, he commented that he could have knocked at least a second off the pole time, if the rain hadn't come. Nevertheless, this is positive news for tomorrow's race.

Warm up is due to start at 9am; the race at 11:35am. Regular updates will be posted on facebook as well as hourly reports on the website.

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