Phil Keen: My LMS debut

A brief chat with Phil Keen reveals his thoughts about his debut in the Formula Le Mans prototype and this weekend's race at Silverstone.

- "Phil, after the stunning drives and fast pace you've shown since the beginning of the year, are you satisfied?"

"Yes, I have really enjoyed my first season in the Le Mans Series. The Neil Garner Motorsport team have been brilliant, they have made me feel very welcome and working with them over the weekend is a real pleasure."

- "Do you have any rituals before going out on track?"

"Not really, I am pretty laid back, I prefer to be chatting to the guys about the car and relaxing or laughing rather than going through anything like rituals or routines."

- "Are you looking forward to racing on the new circuit at Silverstone in the Oreca 09?

"I have already raced on the new Arena circuit, but am looking forward to driving there in the FLM car. It should be a great experience as it's fast and flowing."

- "Do you think Silverstone is a good track for the FLM?"

"I am not sure, Silverstone is a circuit where power is required, so it will be interesting to see how we fair in a straight line compared to the other cars on track."

- "What challenges do you face during a race weekend? What is the hardest part during an event?"

"The hardest part is getting the car right and extracting the most from it before qualifying as we have limited testing time available to us for 3 drivers."

Phil Keen, 26, joins gentlemen drivers John Hartshorne and Steve Keating once again for this weekend's 6 hour race, starting at the precise time of 11:35am on Sunday.

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