Drivers pre-Silverstone shakedown!

In the lead up to this weekend's event; the Autosport 6 hours of Silverstone, the team's gentlemen drivers - John Hartshorne and Steve Keating - travelled to the newly refurbished circuit to gain knowledge of the twists and turns that await them on Friday. The day of testing was to be accomplished in a Radical, a small prototype less quick than the Formula Le Mans car. Nevertheless, John and Steve took to the track excitedly, despite several red flags from incidents caused by other testing drivers, which limited their practice time.

Steve arrived in the morning, reasonably tired after his busy week, but eager to try out a different car on the new circuit layout. He settled in immediately, getting a feel of the Radical, with times of around 2min22secs; before attacking the circuit again in the afternoon better informed, making more than 6 second's improvement. John, found the test sessions very enlightening and enjoyed being back behind the wheel of a prototype after the long summer break.

John commented: "I find the circuit quite daunting in some places as you can carry a lot of speed into the corners, notably turn 1 which is very challenging. The test day was extremely worthwhile, I know lots of places where I can improve on Friday. The only downside was that we didn't get to try out the lovely new pits; we shall have to wait until this weekend for that surprise!"

Steve added: "The Maggots/ Becketts complex is good; once I'm settled comfortably in the FLM, the car will be mighty fast through the first part. Club, Abbey and Farm curve are great, as is Aintree; after a few more laps I should probably be flat on the throttle from Vale through to Village corner!"

The team is extremely excited about racing at their home event in the Le Mans Series calendar next weekend; preparation is almost complete, as the car suffered severe damage after the accident in Italy. The test day produced positive, encouraging results for the drivers; everyone has their aims set on a win at Silverstone!

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