Free Practice 1 résumé

Phil Keen was first out in the Oreca 09 Formula Le Mans, setting a time of 1min55.2secs, which placed the team 3rd on the timing sheets. After completing 3 laps, the car was brought back into the pits for a few check overs, before returning to the track where a new fastest time of 1min47.7secs had been set. However this was to be instantly beaten as a 1min45.7secs lap was produced by the team's young Brit, directly after the outlap. A few more consistantly quick laps were set before the prototype was brought into the pits for John Hartshorne's debut out on the Italian autodromo.

Twice he was forced to come back to the pits as two separate incidents caused red flags to be shown, but John found the time in between outlaps to improve by 3.5 seconds. Come the end of the session, he had ameliorated his pace by almost 7 seconds.

John commented that the circuit was extremely fast, but narrow, which isn't great for wide bodied prototypes and GT cars!

The practice session was cut short by a few minutes, again following an incident at Tamburello, where the tragic accident involving Ayrton Senna took place 17 years ago. During the second half of practice, Phil Keen's time had been bettered slightly by an opposing team, placing Neil Garner Motorsport 2nd on the timing sheets.

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