1st hour of the race...

As the 53 cars passed the start/finish line to commence the first lap, Phil Keen kept position between the LMP2 cars, all the way down to Eau Rouge corner. However when he emerged from the forest to complete the first lap, the Oreca 09 had been overtaken by the no.91 Formula Le Mans car.

A few laps later, Phil found himself battling with the LMP2 cars, and the group was caught up by the 3rd place Formula Le Mans prototype, as well as the first place LMP1s. The no.99 managed to jump Phil, putting the team 3rd, (lap 10).

Lap 16 to lap 19, the gap was growing smaller between the car and the 2nd place FLM, all the way down to 1.5secs.

Lap 20 the 1st place FLM pitted, promoting the car to 2nd, then to 1st, as the car in front entered the pits.

Minutes later, Phil Keen came in for fuel placing the team 3rd (21st overall).

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