Race parts 5 & 6

Just after 4 o’clock, Hope Polevision Racing, one of Neil Garner Motorsport’s rivals this year discovered problems with their car, giving the team 3rd place in the FLM class. At around ten to five, Steve pulled into the pits to let John have another stint. This driver change went smoothly, not losing any time in the pits. The car was consistent all through the hour and kept the pace, but John was unable to catch up the drivers ahead due to the great distance separating each car. The order in the FLM class hence stayed the same. Between 30 and 45 minutes before the end, John handed the car over to Steve to take the last stint of the race. An Aston Martin had some trouble, and Steve took the opportunity to move up one place to 24th; before driving all the way to the chequered flag. The team celebrated the finish in their first race of the Le Mans Series whilst the three drivers received trophees and champagne at the podium presentation. Despite the fact that a win would have been possible today, the atmosphere was positive.
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