Race part 4

Just after 3 o'clock, the team receives more bad news: the car is shown a black flag with an orange circle - for reasons at the time unknown. The car is brought into the pits, and after refuelling, the team discover a problem with the refuelling valve. The prototype is pushed into the garage for further consultation. After many minutes of searching, they discover that the vent for the fuel was broken, and so the 'o' ring inside had swollen, which in consequence meant that the car was leaking fuel. The mechanics replace the broken part as quickly as possible as not to lose time. To economise pit stops further on in the race, the drivers change again, and Steve has his first stint. A safety car is called onto the track a while later, and the team decide to refuel the car. The pitstop goes well. At Four o'clock the car is in 25th place; the team are extremely disappointed at the change in the race.
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