Race part 3

From 2 o'clock: The team makes a first driver change, just after the hour mark; John Hartshorne enters the prototype. Lap 57: The car is running well; it stands in 10th place overall and 2nd in class. Lsp 70: Due to a pit stop, John gains a place, but the RLR LMP2 car closes in with the no.91 Formula Le Mans just behind. Lap 77: No change, John avoids a spin, and a few laps later, pits for fuel. However, just as he's ready to leave, the team notice that the front left wheel cover (louver) is broken. This must be fixed else the team could receive a penalty. Unfortunately this takes several minutes to repair, and the team lose places - when John rejoins the race the team stands 4th (21st overall), and is released into traffic. Such a disappointment when the car was doing so well. Only 13 seconds behind the car in front, John also gains a place when an LMP2 car ahead decides to pit. The no.93 Formula Le Mans prototype completes a slow lap, then comes into the pits for maintenance, which results in us jumping them.
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