Silverstone and 2016 Preview

Nick Holden and Andrew McKenna getting their first taste of the Renault RS01.

The 2016 NGMSport season gets underway this weekend with the relaunched Dunlop Endurance Championship at Silverstone. Making a return to the newly invigorated championship is the ever popular Mosler MT900R with Spaniards Manuel Cintrano and Javier Morcillo coming back to the UK after a 2015 season spent travelling around Europe.

On the prospect of returning to race in the UK Morcillo is enthusiastic, "I'm very excited, the UK is my racing home and I love racing there. I hope the new Britcar team will handle the championship well and let the best driver pairing and team win."

Following its routine winter rebuild the Mosler will be up against stiff competition in class 1 of the new championship with an assortment of modern GT3 cars in the field including a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458, BMW Z4 and two Audi R8's. Having held its own amongst top flight machinery in the past, the 12 year old Mosler can rely on its reliability and skill of pro-driver Morcillo to ensure it will be mixing it at the front all season.

"She is and old lady, but a very aggressive one!" said Morcillo. "In other years we were one of the favourites, but that's not the case now, but, and there is always a but, if we drive it 100% both of us, and are clever, we could fight for a win. It'll be very difficult, but a lot of fun the challenge."

On the other side of the garage is Nick Holden whose original plan for 2016 was to contest class 1 in a Praga R4S however build problems have halted that plan. Key engine components were found to have been manufactured with the wrong materials so the Praga will spend the start of the season engineless in the workshop.

Not to be deprived of his class 1 debut, Holden and his driving partner for 2016, Andrew McKenna, have instead bought a Renault RS01 which will debut at Silverstone barely a week after arriving in the country. With a 3.8 litre V6 twin-turbo engine prepared by Nismo and derived from the Nissan GT-R, the RS01 produces 500hp so should be more than a match for the regular class 1 GT3 contenders.

With shakedown, test and race all within days of each other the team and drivers will be working hard to get a good result.

Qualifying starts at 11.25 with the 2 hour race starting at 15:55.

Jurek Biegus.

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