Supercar Challenge Spa, Review.

NGMsport enjoyed a mixed weekend at Spa Francorchamps in the latest round of the Supercar Challenge. With a track temperature of 50degrees throughout the Friday test session the team had to work hard to get the best out of a car operating close to its limit. Despite the conditions Manuel Cintrano was able to drop 5 seconds from his previous best time around the famous Belgian circuit providing some optimism for the racing to come.

A massive overnight thunderstorm brought some welcome cooling to car and team members alike and Saturdays qualifying session saw Javier Morcillo grab P6 in race one and P8 in race two.

Manuel Cintrano started race one and despite losing a couple of places early on he held a steady pace in the Mosler before stopping at the start of the pit window to give Morcillo a better opportunity to chase the pack.

Having fought back to P5 a low fuel warning caused frayed nerves on the pit wall and in the car. Morcillos extended stint and a tweak to the limiter which in qualifying was being reached halfway along the Kemmel straight made estimating the exact fuel load difficult. Doing his best to conserve his ever dwindling fuel Morcillo exited the Bus Stop chicane for the final time just as the engine spluttered into silence. The momentum was enough to carry the Mosler over the line but not enough to preserve the hard fought P5 dropping the Mosler to P7 overall.

Race 2 saw the team start with a similar strategy of swapping drivers early on however starting further back in the field saw Cintrano suffer from contact with other cars and a flat spotted tyre. With severe vibration from the flat spot making the car almost un-driveable Cintrano lost several places as he fought the car around the lap. The plan for an early pit stop was also foiled as a clutch problem meant the gearbox wouldn't find neutral.

To add to the problems a safety car period, moments after Morcillo emerged from the pitlane, allowed the other teams to take their stops negating the advantage gained from the early stop. All Morcillo could do was attempt to drive through the field and recover as much as he could until a second safety car period in the 60 minute race ended all hope of a charge to the line. With a handful of racing laps remaining Morcillo brought the car home in a disappointing 14th place.

Jurek Biegus.

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